10 Tips For Saving Time And Getting Better Results With Your Content Marketing

10 Tips For Saving Time And Getting Better Results With Your Content Marketing

Content is king. You’ve heard the words, but what do they mean? If it’s not the right content, it could make you look like the joker   

Better Quality In Less Time  

Content marketing is time consuming, and too many small businesses take short-cuts that lead to so-so results. There are, however, tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your time. If your small business is missing that critical content marketing piece, make it better with these strategic tips for success to keep the process short without falling short on quality.  

Getting Results With Content Marketing  

Repurpose your content. Take all of the research and time you spent on that eBook and make it grow: 

  • Make a blog post from the info in chapter 2 
  • Post one of the pictures on Instagram with a snappy tagline 
  • Create a newsletter with highlights.  

Make your followers happy. Get more likes on your Facebook posts by making them engaging. Live streaming video is the perfect way to garner interest and reactions.   

Get the right content length 

 If you’re educating people about an in-depth topic that needs lots of information, go long. If it’s something fun and entertaining, go shorter. FYI – Long content gets more traffic.  

Create a video strategy 

Create a video marketing plan to use it in order to move ahead of the competition. Live video is cool, but without a plan, you might fall short of your intentions.  

Know your CRO 

Don’t just write it and forget it. Keep track of your conversion rate optimization to know how that content is really translating to your customers.  

Bring on the backlinks 

When other websites link back to your pages, you’ll get found easier through online searching.  

Consider your blog options 

Yes, WordPress is the most popular platform out there for bloggers, but there are plenty of other fish in the sea who might be better suited for your needs.  

Take it to social media 

Take a few lines from last month’s blog and turn them into social posts. It’s amazing how valuable one blog can be when you repurpose it on social media.  

Write exciting email 

Keep them just as exciting as your content to keep people reading them. Use a subject line that’s interesting, personal, and looks nothing like spam.  

Market to Millennials 

They’re quickly becoming the most popular demographic for business. Be quirky, different, and factual. A throwback to the 80’s can’t hurt, either.  

The Content Marketing Team You Need  

Don’t worry about how you’ll do it all; let us do it for you. When you hire ignitedLOCAL you’ll get better results from an experienced content marketing team who knows how to get the job done. Letting your content marketing strategy fall to the wayside is letting your small business down. Contact us for more information on how to bring you back to the top today.