Why Your Small Business Should Have A Content Marketing Strategy

Why Your Small Business Should Have A Content Marketing Strategy

Slowly, but surely, paid advertising has become less effective in the grand scheme of bringing on new customers. Today’s consumer is less interested in what the company has to say about themselves, and more interested in what other consumers have to say about the company. People also prefer to learn about products and services on their own, and then make their own decision on how to proceed. The more they trust a company or brand, they more likely they are to become loyal.  


Content Marketing Is Wanted And Needed  

Content marketing has become exactly what consumers’ desire, without them even realizing they desired it. Did you know that over 80% of consumers like to learn about a company based on their custom content? When you make your brand both credible and knowledgeable about a subject your potential customers are interested in, your small business is more likely to get discovered.  


Discovery can lead to the conversion you’re looking for

Though bigger companies and brands have content marketing teams who work on blogs, newsletters, e-books, and videos to make their content stand out, this doesn’t mean that your small business needs to be left behind. Your small business can still benefit from a great content marketing strategy. It just takes a little bit of knowledge 


Benefit Your Small Business  

There are three main benefits of content marketing for your small business: increase sales, cost savings, and building a loyal customer base. More specifically, content marketing can help your small business by helping you accomplish big things. Content marketing can: 

  • Establish your brand identity and help you connect with the right audience, leading to brand awareness and recognition. 
  • Gain a foothold over companies who do not have a content marketing plan in place. 
  • Help you create long-term and trustworthy relationships with customers and prospects by turning you into a thought leader in the industry.
  • Generate traffic to your website and social media accounts.
  • Convert more visitors into buyers.  


Your website is the first place to begin, followed by social accounts  

But in order to keep up with, and even surpass, your competition, you’ll also need to have a mobile strategy. Mobile usage outweighs desktop usage in the nine major global markets. Making your content mobile-friendly is as easy as creating an app to display your content in mobile format.   


Make Content Marketing A Priority   

All signs point to the fact that content marketing can be a great way to organically reach potential customers for your small business. Instead of coming across as pushy, you come across as knowledgeable, helpful, and educated. If you have no idea where to begin, don’t do it alone. At ignitedLOCAL, we have an inbound marketing team who can create a content marketing strategy just for you. We’ll help you provide value to your customers that can lead to a lasting good impression that will keep them returning to you again and again; contact us today