Facebook Insights Analyze Target Audiences For Your Business

Facebook Insights Analyze Target Audiences For Your Business

Connecting businesses directly to their customers is what makes social media such a marketing powerhouse. Interacting with your audience builds trust, buy-in, and commitment. By tailoring your social media platforms, like Facebook, to meet customer demands and needs, you’ll able discover exactly how to improve your results and meet targets.  

The Power Of Social Media  

There is a lot of power behind social media data. As you interact with your followers on various platforms, you’ll discover what they like, what they don’t like, and what interests them. The more you discover, the better you’ll be able to tailor your content to meet their preferences. This will increase engagement on your ads and give you a better ROI.  

Adding a variety of data points and layers enable you to refine your audience, making it easier to target campaigns to specific users. Be balanced and avoid adding too many layers before you have enough data to back it up. Currently, you can refine Facebook audiences in the Ad Manager by basing them on a host of points such as: 

  • Demographics 
  • Geographics 
  • Gender 
  • Time user is active 
  • Device 
  • Interests 

Using Facebook Audience Insights to target audiences for your business can be done through the Facebook Ad Manager. You can find it by clicking the drop-down menu under “Tools.” The Audience Insights Tool helps you define your audience based on preferences and demographic details.  This is a great tool to use when trying out new content to see how your audience reacts, or to find out what topics really resonate with your followers.  

Define Your Audience To Analyze  

To define your seed audience, select which audience you want to analyze. You might want to pick the audience based on your current campaign, so choose different options at different times to get a broad spectrum. You’ll be given the option to pick between: 

  • Everyone on Facebook 
  • People connected to your page 
  • A custom audience 

After you pick an audience, use the sidebar to refine it based on their specific parameters. You can choose things like age range, country, gender and other basic stats that are included there. Once you narrow your search you can get very precise with targeting to reach your specific audience. By clicking the “Advanced” drop-down menu, you can narrow down to: 

  • Connection to your page 
  • Education 
  • Relationship status 
  • Work 
  • Job Position 
  • Politics 

Don’t worry; just because you’re getting into very intimate details with your targeting it doesn’t make you weird. This is just how social media works to help make your business better. In this digital and social age, most people understand that there are very little secrets still left to be discovered. It’s an age of knowledge, and the internet is the key to opening everyone’s eyes.  

Let The Insights Tool Do Its Job  

The Audience Insights tool will now begin to show you what your audience finds interesting, and not so interesting, and you can add to this the profile. Your campaigns can then be created to target these exact customers in ways that will make them convert. You’ll market to the right target audience, engage them more often, and understand just what content to promote that you know they’ll actually read 

Get all you can out of Facebook by using it for the data powerhouse that it is, and use Audience Insights to test and narrow your audience to perfection. Believe it or not, the smaller your audience on Facebook, the greater the odds of you hitting your target. For questions about making Facebook and other social accounts work for you, let ignitedLOCAL be your guide.