Inbound Marketing and Facebook: How it Works

Inbound Marketing and Facebook: How it Works

Every good plan needs a good, supportive strategy behind it. If your plans include taking the Facebook world by storm, you’ll need a well thought out way to get there. Think of it this way: You can make a plan to go the beach, but without a map or a good GPS, you could easily end up in the mountains. Don’t get lost in the mountains; set your strategy before you begin. 

Results Take Time     

Facebook is the world’s largest social media network with approximately 1.35 billion users. To jump into the game without cleats is absurd. Without a Facebook marketing strategy, you could: 

  • Overlook key audiences 
  • Create poor ads  
  • Lose money
  • Focus campaigns on the wrong people 

With inbound marketing on Facebook, there’s more to look at than basic demographics. Your marketing team will need to drill down, from the broad to the narrow. This is the best way to create the right campaign to focus on the right group of customers. The key to creating dynamic ads is patience; there’s no fast track to analyzing the raw data that shows what works and what doesn’t.   
You’ll be hard-pressed to see an immediate uptick in your sales figures. Some businesses will make sales within 30 days, others within 60 days, and some might not see a sale for 90 days. This shows that one of the most important things you can do is to follow up. Without important follow up, you’ll likely miss out on money you’ve worked hard to get.  

Lead Magnets And Offerings 

Beginning with the end product to create a lead magnet has been a valuable strategy used by many businesses. Figure out what problems the item you’re selling will solve and use the frustrations of your potential customers to create a strong lead magnet that fixes their problems. This will help you discover the most captivating Ad for this customer base.   

Offer something to your consumers in exchange for their email address. There is much to gain by providing free content. Try webinars or a video series that can attract new customers and help you build the rapport you need in order to get the interest that leads to conversion. 
Put the majority of your efforts into one funnel that focuses on a specific segment in an ideal target market. Ask the question, “What’s my target market’s No. 1 problem?” and create your campaign around it. Choose one product that solves the problem and sell it to your ideal customer. From there, you can optimize the ads, emails, and follow-ups. 
Follow up with customers who access your lead magnet via email. The most effective way to collect email addresses is by utilizing landing pages or asking visitors to subscribe to a newsletter. This gives you a prime opportunity to stay on their radar with updates and offerings. 

Your Sound Strategy  

The clearest path to success on Facebook involves developing a sound strategy with a predefined endgame. Marketing on Facebook is really like asking for a favor. It’s only after you’ve given something to your audience and built trust that you should even consider asking. 
Continue to follow up with customers, especially if they don’t covert. Try sending a survey asking why they chose not to make a purchase. If they have objections, answer with case studies or articles that explain why your product or service could provide value, or ask what you can do to help them make the choice.  
If the idea of marketing on Facebook has you scratching your head, give ignitedLOCAL a call. We’ll create a Facebook strategy that will take you to directly to the beach with no detours to the mountains.