Top 5 Instagram Tips To Increase Viewership

Top 5 Instagram Tips To Increase Viewership

Instagram is currently the hottest social media outlet on the market. In two short years, it has doubled its user base to 800 million, with 500 million of them using the platform daily. Its ability to share photos and videos is unparalleled, and it’s becoming a viable way to increase your marketing in any business.

What’s The Big Deal About Instagram?

Instagram stands apart from the other social platforms for its ability to let people post beautiful photos of their products. Photos can include people, both famous and not famous, using the products. Comments can be included from customers who enjoy the products, encouraging others to experience the joy of these products as well. (Though this can lead to more sales, keep in mind that Instagram is not a direct selling platform.) 

Few businesses make money directly from their presence on Instagram, but it can still be an effective part of your sales funnel. Like any other social network, Instagram is a place to build awareness; a relationship-building channel. Both awareness and relationship-building can advance your company. Instagram users are highly engaged, so the number of likes and comments can keep people viewing and talking about your product. Just make sure that your Instagram presence is aligned with your overall branding for continuity across the platforms.

Top 5 Tips To Ensure Viewership And Results

1) Track your results. Serious tracking is taking advantage of all the tools at your disposal. From Instagram business tools, third-party analytics, and your website analytic tools, such as Google Analytics, knowing how the stats are playing out is your #1 priority.

2) Look at your behavior. Pay attention to your behavior profile to answer questions such as:

  • Are your posts being received well?
  • What does your engagement look like?
  • How do people interact in response to your stories?

3) Determine what posts get the most traction. Did you get more engagement from a post because of the caption? Was it an amazing photo that pulled in your viewers? Did you offer a savings on your product or service?

4) Know how your audience is growing. It’s truly a matter of quality over quantity here. Don't take a risk on your Instagram presence by buying followers or involving bots. Be sure that the people who follow you are the right people for what you have to offer. The truth of the matter is, if your ideal audience is middle-aged professional women, all of the likes and comments from younger guys in college just won’t translate into sales.

5) Engage with high-quality content. By delivering high-quality content to your audience on a regular basis, you’ll achieve two things:

  • You’ll form a stronger connection with the existing audience because the members will keep coming back for more content.
  • You’ll see high engagement levels that can create even more exposure by helping you leverage the Instagram algorithm.

Instagram will help you create more engaging relationships with current followers, and bring in new ones. Showing engaging, relevant content to its users keeps Instagram at the top of the social game. This is why the algorithm’s only job is to search the platform to find amazing content. 

Marketing Is Much Easier Than You Think

Once you begin to track results, you'll discover that marketing on Instagram is almost effortless. You’ll gain valuable insights from your Instagram analytics, you'll start to see Instagram marketing as a constant feedback loop, and it will all lead to bringing more traffic to your website with conversions and sales. Contact ((company)) for more tips on how to make social marketing work for you.